Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Gripper Clipper Awards

The Gripper Clipper Awards (est 2004) are awarded to person or persons for services to comedy whilst climbing or attempting climb.

With over 10,000 user visits to the Orange House over the last 8 years it's no wonder our guests have had the odd thrill and spill. Cantina Marina hosted a Morroccan food night at the house, with most guests attending what better time to present the award.

I've been promising for several years to document this esteemed award's history with a page on the main web site. This is now under construction.

 So until that page is completed here's the latest installment from the White Coast of Epics.....

Bertie's Blunder
Bertie (retired solicitor from LMC so I will be careful with what I write) was attempting to second a route, was unable to do so and was subsequently lowered back to the ground.

Sam (the leader) then threaded the belay and prepared to be lowered back to the ground by Bertie. Having communicated with Bertie his intentions, Sam was lowered the 30m to the ground safely if a little fast. Bertie, with a face similar to that of a bull dog chewing a wasp and no skin left on his fingers, turn to Sam and said "I forgot to put the friction plate on!"

Congrats Bertie! You join an elite band poeple who are entitled to use the letters "GCA" after their names.

Other award holders are Helen and Chris for attempting to walk the Bernia Ridge North to South when it runs East to West. Sharky and Ex boy friend for being rescued by boat from the Toix Sea Cliffs, only to realise they were now stranded at the port of Altea with no shoes, no money, no car keys and the car still at Toix anyway. Paul and his missus for taking thirty one and a half hours to climb Puig Campana. The list goes on.....

So if you wish to climb on the Costa Blanca and want to avoid the "GCA" title, the following dates are available for improvers (F4 to F6c) 27th November, 22nd December and 16th January. These are 5 days courses, selfcatering and transport. Email  for further details.

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