Monday, February 11, 2013

To bolt or not to bolt

Bolting "Wots a matterbooboo 6c"

OK so the ethic of the Costa Blanca is bolted sport climbs. The drill is red hot with 8 new sport lines from 4 to 6c+ grades to be confirmed! More lines have been bolted today by the Oranges!!!! A small traditionally protected section is also being cleaned with two 70m grade 4/5 routes so far.

Don't bear left 6a
Bear Sector, lines from the left are, Basically a bear 6c, Don't bear left 6a, project, Wots a Matterbooboo 6c and Bumptastic
New years day 5+

Basically a bear 6c

The grand clean up has finally finished with the help of a very large trailer. Three this full and eight smaller trailers full and one flat trye from running over some rubbish later and you can now see the trees. The place is starting to look like it should.

The clean up

The clean up fights back

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