Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Work and LOADS of Wind and not from Rich!

We have now lived onsite for over 2 weeks. I can honestly say that it has not been easy, and that is mainly down to some fierce winds and not of the bottom type!

We spent a few nights in the van but after been kept awake been rocked quite violently we thought we would move into the small room downstairs for some piece and quiet.

That room is right next to the massive water tank in the corner of the house so that didnt last long either! We moved upstairs once we had a new window to let in some light and air!

Jonathan our long term "Orange"and Ben my youngest son spent some time with me painting the lounge and kitchen so we have a cozy place to sit at night and watch TV. Here are some before and afters shots.

After, with wood burner and all my crap!
Quite a bit of clutter

Check out the beams, and dogs sleeping in the sun

Old cupboard with doors

No doors and painted red inside. check out the beams again!
I must admit to enjoying the peace and quiet though, not a noise can be heard from anywhere, no barking dogs, no cars, no neighbours for miles. The drive to and from The Orange House is around half an hour on some horrible roads but I guess it worth it.

Rich has been busy bolting new routes up there and making good the new window at the front of the house. I will post more photos next week to show the changes as they go along.

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