Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mini Guides

Well I've been really busy with the production a new Mini Guide for Castellets and up dating the Via Ferrata Mini Guide.

Castellets is one of our closest crags being only 8km from the Orange House with a 10 minute walk in. Mostly sport climbs with good gear. The ridges is 8 km long with crags on boths sides so there really is HUGE potential for new routes here.

There are some mixed routes, these are marked on the topos so you shouldn't get caught out. 30 odd climbs listed but have also done some new routes and the upper tiers aren't included yet. Watch this space.

This has been a bit of an effort because although I do enjoy doing them, I'd rather go climbing ;O) This includes updates on access where it's changed and included two more via ferratas, Les Marcjes and Xorrat de Cati. Both of these are availible from the main web page at  http://theorangehouse.co.uk/gallery-2/pdf-page  then follow the instructions.

Have fun!

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