Friday, February 26, 2010

From beginners to masterclass!

This year we have excelled ourselves! From large beginner groups climbing on friendly, well bolted and road side cliffs, to coaching on some really hard climbs. The Costa Blanca has it all. Including the weather!
Some crags really are bolted for beginners which means that large groups get the best possible and safest instruction. With the absolute minium of lost time, Echo Valley above is 15 minutes drive from the Orange House and road-side.   
Bolted as a "novice crag" the routes start at sport grade 3 (V Diff) so everyone with or without rock shoes will be able to achieve success on a rock climb!

Effective demonstration of difficult rock movements form the back bone of our coaching courses
from sport grade 3 to 8a. Below, Rich Mayfield demonstrates dropping knee on a Coach/Improvers Course.
Precise foot work is essential for any route, but when it gets steep eliminating mistakes is crucial to save time, finger strength and arm power.
Once his foot is correct on the hold the movement begins with all four limps still in contact with the rock.
When the postion is stable he builds the power starting with his feet and using his arms to steer the move and add that last bit of momentum.
At the optimum moment the movement is made with little or no change to the climbers position.

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