Sunday, November 1, 2009

Great New DVD "Welsh Connections"

Sam saw a trailer for this new video on UKC and posted on a thread saying " I think the JD clip is boring!”

After quickly realising who had produced the film she said a quick "sorry" and asked if she could have a copy to review the whole thing. A few days later a DVD winged its way from Wales to Devon. Sam’s big mouth does have its uses then.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect having not heard anything about Daves new project, but I did know without doubt that it would be well filmed, and edited to his usual brilliant standards.

Welsh Connections takes a deep look into the Welsh climbing scene through the eyes of the best people to ask, the climbers who live there. Their mood, friendly rivalry and infectious enjoyment of Welsh climbing is so motivational and inspiring that I can’t help cursing Dave for releasing the film in the dead of winter. I want to go climbing there NOW!

Welsh Connections - trailer from Bamboo Chicken Productions on Vimeo.

For anyone who has ever climbed in Wales or aspires to climb there, this film is a “must see”! A fine blend of young and not so young local activists revelling in the diversity that Welsh climbing has to offer. One thing that struck me was that the majority of these crags are very secluded, very different from the “gladiator” type environment that the Peak offers. Anyone who has climbed at Gogarth or the Llyn will know what I am talking about.

There is one minor gripe, the bouldering sequences. To me bouldering just doesn’t make good TV, and is it only training for real climbing anyway ;O). On the plus side having the bouldering inserted between the climbing sequences, means old fuddy duddies like me, get to watch and appreciate that Wales has come of age when it comes to bouldering. Sam also pointed out that they make great natural intermissions, time to put the kettle on ;O)

With possibly the best music I have heard on any climbing video I’ll give it 5 out of 5. A must see for any who’s ever climbed in Wales. Or a must see for anyone who hasn’t climbed in Wales, you’ll want to go there!

We are sure that this will be played over and over again at The Orange House and a thanks to Dave and Lynwen for sending is the copy and sorry again for the words on UKC!

The Extras

To the Rainbow

I felt quite emotional watching this extra feature with Johnny Dawes and Paul Prichard climbing on the Rainbow Slabs. Light hearted in places, Paul is unable to belay Johnny with any degree of security, so Johnny climbs it anyway, trailing a rope mostly for the purpose of top roping Paul afterwards, rather than protecting the leader.

Listening to Paul talk about coming to terms with his accident and his return to climbing definitely pulled on my heart strings. How many times have you stood at the base of crag and had near misses with stone fall? There by the grace of God go the rest of us!


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