Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Orkneys - what amazing rock!

More than just The Old Man!

Yesnaby Castle area

When Sam suggested we go back up to do The Old Man of Hoy, I was a little apprehensive, water proofs, stretchy salapets and brave pills were at the top of the list. But it couldn´t have been nicer!

Whilst most of Scotland was under grey rain clouds they mostly missed us and between what little rain that fell we didn´t loose a single days climbing.

Mikey making it look way too easy!

Mikey Robertson joined us for the first week, neither of us really knowing what to expect from the local crags of Yesnaby. The tides were perfect for climbing but a little low for DWS, but this didn´t stop Mikey ticking most solo-able routes as DWS´s, including Dragon Heart E5 6b or F7b for the solo. We even managed a few new lines!

Rich on a 3* HVS at Yesnaby Castle area

An insitu tyrolean to Yesnaby Castle, proved a great hit with the clients, even the routes back up the headland are 3 stars. Every time we did a great climb we thought that the best route there until we did the next route that is.

Marcus escaping the water on the tyrolean

The quality of the sandstone and the lines is just superb.

Client no.1 the lovely Sophie before the climb!

All the clients managed to get to the top of the Old Man. I conceived a cunning plan to avoid the Fumar vomit, by sending Heather up first (she proved very absorbant) we used her like a human shield which was very effective. Allowing the rest of the party to continue vomit free. So a big thanks to Heather, and I hope the green and yellow bits have come out of your hair now.

Sophie on the way down!

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