Thursday, September 11, 2008

Summer Road Trip (What summer?)

Would you trust these men?

After the horrible weather last summer I was convinced that this year was going to be great, no overseas trips for us! It all started so well, but that only lasted about 3 days. Simon a friend from Bristol had an idea to go out on his boat from Plymouth, not climbing I grant you, but a nice change and the sun was shining.

Cornwall called once summer holidays started so we headed South! I have not climbed Trad for years, in fact I cant remember the last time I actually put my rock shoes on! We decided to head all the way South and climb at Lands End. Rich choose Lands End Long Climb as he wanted to check it out for clients. What a great route, I loved it and it certainly gave me back a little bit of the climbing bug.

I laughed most of the way up!

Then off to Pembroke for a few days with Mikey Robertson, he is taking shots for the new Rockfax guide to Pembroke (out next year so watch this space) and needed the sun! we arrived to gray cloudy skies, but lunch time on day 2 and the sun came out and off he went in his little boat to get crag shots.

What a perfect day!

A crowd chilling on the cliffs, Meilee, Gav, Tim and Woody. You can read about the perfect day in Climber Magazine which is out in Oct in the Area roundup section.

Next on road trip is the new climbing wall Boulders in Cardiff with Rob and Ollie. The wall is amazing you can check out the photos on there website BOULDERS UK

North Wales was next on the map! Rich needed to get in some mountain days, and I refused to stay at home thinking I would be able to get some nice walking done whilst he scrambled around! we spent the first day in Llanberis and I counted 21 people in one day that came to say hello, all a bit strange. However, we met some great friends and made our way to The Climbers Club Hut for the week. The hut was busy so we decided to stay in our nice campervan, thinking we would get a better nights sleep, WRONG! the wind so so strong we though the van would blow over and the poor dogs spent the night with the tent flat ontop of them!

One thing I did was to walk to the top of Snowdon, why? I can blame my friend Helen, she found out I had not done it before! so up we went. I hated it from early on, too many people, too many in trainers and way too many screaming kids. Cloud on top killed any view and the building work on the new cafe made the whole experience one to forget.

Boy was I glad to get home to my own bed and at least today the sun is shining in Devon, maybe time to stop typing and take the dogs for a walk.............

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