Thursday, January 10, 2008

SPLASH! New year New beginnings!


It all started a few months ago over a few beers gathered around the swimming pool at The Orange House. How I wish that I had stayed retired 9 years when I first came to Spain, little did I know that the climbing scene sneaks under your skin!

Five years on and Orange House accommodation is going really great, we are full for most of the winter months with climbers, the summer months with families.

Rich Mayfield my husband and our number one guide is busy guiding and instructing and Ryan Glass MIA is also keeping out of trouble taking out Orange House Clients..

So why when everything is going so well would I want to shake all that up and start something new? well for those that know me they will laugh and say "sounds just like Sam"

I will blame Keith Crockford of Rock and Rapids and climbing photographer David Simmonite. They both said "we have a great idea! lets organise for the UK´s best coaches, to go to cool locations and get people to climb harder, whilst having a great holiday". Hmmm sounds like hard work to me.

Orange House Climbing was born and after a few months and lots of hard work from our designers point of view we have a great website and some fabby posters and Artwork. All thanks to the amazing Jon Tate and Berie Stott. Thanks guys we really do think you are stars! and we promise we will pay you when we make our first million.

I will update this blog often with discounts, special offers, photos from trips and lots and lots more.....

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